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When is the last time you backed up your data?

Online / Cloud Backup

Backup! It's gonna blow

Saw this today and it made me chuckle. Thought I’ll share…

If you are currently not backing up your valuable data at all, or having to remember to write it to CD/DVD or costly backup tape devices, Finc IT has the solution for you.

Our online backup solution backs up your data to the cloud and does it without the need for you to do anything more than install the software and decide what you want to back up.

Finc IT’s Online Backup Solution takes the pain out of backups for one or multiple computers by automatically protecting and remotely storing your files at secured data centers. For this reason more than 70,000 businesses use our solution to secure their valuable business documents.

Simple: Finc IT offers business-level features at consumer-friendly prices.

Automatic: With our software’s “set-it-and-forget-it” design, you’ll have more time to spend on other important matters.

Secure: Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your data is encrypted and stored in a safe, remote location.

8 Responses to When is the last time you backed up your data?

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. I like this blog its a master peace ! .

    • Gerardo says:

      get yourself a spare hard drive and use a disc clnnoig or imaging software to make a copy of your hard disk onto the spare,should you crash then you can swap the drives over and use the same process to copy it back to your original.ok you will lose your files etc since you got your pc but if you do regular backups on cdr or dvdr as you should do then you shouldnt really lose much at all.

    • Kat says:

      Hey there! Thanks for making this kind of an imoirnatfve blog post. Basically you could quite possibly have mentioned those issues the other way around. And yet you brought it a helpful private spin. Looking foward to visiting your site on a regular basis.

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