Microsoft is rolling new features for everyone in OneNote for Windows 10.

There are some great features rolled out by Microsft for fans of their OneNote note taking application, as tweeted by William Devereux on Wednesday.

For the more technically minded among us, the version number is 16.0.10325.20049 and you should get it soon on auto-update if you do not have it already.

There are different feature sets for insider and on-insiders. Non-insiders will see:

  • You can now pin a “New Page” tile to the Start menu for quicker access.
  • A new transparent version of OneNote’s Live Tile
  • Online Video button on the Ribbon’s Insert tab makes it easy to embed videos.
  • Paste options now let you decide whether to keep source formatting, merge formatting, or just keep the text.

Insiders will see a much longer list of new features:

  • Option to include source links when you paste. Cut, copy, and paste also now appear on the Ribbon.
  • Some Insiders may see the simplified Ribbon Microsoft announced last month.
  • New table options let you hide borders, quickly select a range of cells, and choose whether to include the heading when sorting.
  • Symbol gallery added to the Ribbon.
  • Two new eraser sizes are now available from the Draw interface.
  • Microsoft Translator is now integrated with OneNote, available from the View tab.

To get all the features, install the latest version of OneNote from the Microsoft Store now. If you don’t see the update right away, it’s likely still rolling out and will be available soon.

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