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How do I enable Javascript in my browser?

Cup of Java

Most modern Websites uses JavaScript to give the user a better experience while using their website. If there is some sort of application running via the website chances are that is using JavaScript heavily.

What is Javascript?

Like Java, this is a programming lanuguage designed by Sun Microsystems, in conjuction with Netscape, that can be integrated into standard HTML pages. While JavaScript is based on the Java syntax, it is a scripting language, and therefore cannot be used to create stand-alone programs. Instead, it is used mainly to create dynamic, interactive Web pages. For example, Web developers can use JavaScript to validate form input, create image rollovers… –

For optimal performance of the Finc IT website, ensure that JavaScript is enabled in the client-side browser.

Internet Explorer 7 and above

On the Tools menu, click Internet Options…
Click the Security tab
Click Custom Level…
Scroll down to the Scripting > Active scripting and select Enable
Restart your browser


On the Tools menu, click Options…
Click the Content tab
Select Enable JavaScript
Click OK

Google Chrome

Please see the following article published in the Google Help Center.


On the Safari menu, click Preferences
Click the Security tab
Under Web Content, select Enable JavaScript
Click Close

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