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Get your address today

Microsoft launched it new FREE consumer email service this week. To read more about the launch see out post Hotmail is dead. Long live!

Since it is new service, chances that you can get an address without numbers or any weird abbreviations is very good, but you will have to act quickly as these get snatched up like hot cakes.

There are two ways to get your outlook .com address.

If you have a Hotmail (or account, you can log into and add your e-mail address as an alias. Here is how:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Hotmail credentials
  3. Click on the gear next to your name (Top Right)
  4. Click on “More email settings”
  5. Click on “Create a Outlook alias”
  6. Type in your desired alias and make sure the drop-down box on the right is set to and sign up for anew account by clicking
  7. Click Create an alias


If you do not have a Hotmail account you can sign up for an account, by going to and clicking Sign up now.

Quick links:

You can perform the above actions with these quick links.

Create an alias

Sign up for an account

Happy emailing…


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