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Find Office 2003 toolbar commands in the Office 2010 ribbon

Microsoft Office 2010 Ribbon

Microsoft Office 2010 Ribbon

Have you recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007/2010 and struggling to find the commands in the menu’s that you have become used to use over the years. You are not alone.

Here at Finc IT we regularly face the frustration of users regarding the Microsoft Office ribbon interface and how the menu’s have changed.

The bad news is that we will have to get used to this. With Windows 7 and especially Windows 8 (due for release late 2012) desktop apps, the integration of the “dreaded” ribbon is becoming a standard feature for all Microsoft applications.

The good news is, change is never easy, but this one is definitely for the good. After using the system for over 4 years now we have found that it is not only easier, but more efficient to use the ribbon that having to click 3 of 4 times to get to a menu option.

Microsoft also provides extensive help with finding the Office 2003  menu options here. Our favourite is the interactive guides where you can click the menu option in the 2003 version and it shows you where it is in the 2007/2010 version. You can also get a printable list of Microsoft Office 2010 commands and buttons.

If you are rolling out new versions of Microsoft Office for a company or a group of users you can download and install the Office 2010 interactive menu to ribbon guides locally on every PC. These migration guides provided by Microsoft might also be a helpful handout to your users.

If you are still using Microsoft Office 2003 and wish to look into upgrading. Complete our Callback Request form and we will help you map your future with the Microsoft Office packages.

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