When you create a meeting request in Outlook, it is typical and convenient to include the meeting location for the meeting or event. You can use the Address Book to find a Conference / Meeting room.

This requires that your meeting room / resource is set up by your system administrator.

  1. Create a new meeting Meeting Request.

Usefull Tip: Keyboard shortcut to create a new meeting request, press CTRL+SHIFT+Q.

  1. In the Subject box, type a description of the meeting or event.
  2. Add the all the intended invitees to the To box.
  3. To open the Address Book to see which rooms are available, next to the Location box, click Rooms. Rooms button in a meeting request

If you don’t see the Rooms button, you might have:

1. Opened an appointment instead of a meeting request.
2. Clicked New on the toolbar instead of opening a meeting request on the File menu. By default, when in Calendar, clicking New on the File menu opens an appointment.

In both cases, the Rooms button is not displayed until you add at least one other person. It makes the appointment into a meeting request. To change an appointment to a meeting request, on the Appointment tab, in the Show group, click Scheduling Assistant.

  1. To see if the room/invitee (internal only) is available click the Scheduling assistant button on the ribbon.
  2. Outlook 2010 Only:

The Room Finder pane contains suggested times for the best time for your meeting (when most attendees are available). To select a meeting time, click a time suggestion in the Room Finder pane in the Suggested times section, or pick a time on the free/busy grid.

Note: If the Room Finder pane doesn’t appear, on the Meeting tab, in the Options group, click Room Finder.

What can happens now?

If the room is free it will automatically accept your meeting.

If the room is already booked it will automatically decline the meeting.

What now?
1. Open the Meeting request and check the free\busy information for this room as described in step 4 above. Change your meeting time to to a time that the room is free or…
2. Change the room you by removing the room selected and and adding another room or…
3. Request a calendar administrator to try and move the meeting blocking yours to another room.

OUTLOOK 2007: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/schedule-a-meeting-with-other-people-HP001230384.aspx?CTT=1
OUTLOOK 2010: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/schedule-a-meeting-with-other-people-HP010354402.aspx?CTT=1

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EJ Gibbs · September 9, 2015 at 8:50 pm

How can I tell who Booked the room in case I want to cancel their booking ?

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